I just returned from a 3-day retreat where I spent my time (absent TV access) reading, hiking and meditating at a 4,000-acre rural spiritual center. Prior to leaving for the retreat I thought that I would post about how I enjoy watching Glenn Beck on TV, listening to his “Real Story” commentary on the world news. Since the retreat, I’m finding that life is so much more peaceful having been insulated for even those few days, I don’t want to watch TV! Am I only putting my head in the sand? Will I find other ways to keep up with the “real news” besides viewing the positive news links on this blog? And, what is “real news” anyway, I find myself wondering.

I think I’m going to enjoy this new-found quiet in my life for a while. Perhaps I will avoid television from now on except for my favorite PBS “Mystery” fare, and an occasional “BookTV” program.


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