I Have Changed; and “The times…they are a-changin'”

What a whirlwind of activity I’ve lived since my last entry,  thinking in back of my mind that I would return to my WordPress writing ….soon.  Well, it has been almost two years!

During that time I had an awakending…  I mean, an awakening.  (Well, maybe “awakending”  is the right word!)  I read two books that turned my life around and caused me to become politically involved:  The Wal-Mart Effect and The Confessions of an Economic Hit Man.  After reading those books I could not stop searching for more insights into the goings on in our country.  After an initial week or two of being ill, nearly nauseous from the realities I had faced,  I was consumed for months with shock, a sense of betrayal by my country —  and those in politics and big business who grasp power — and then I felt energized by determination and exhilaration when I realized I was no longer in denial.

I became impressed with Congressman Dr. Ron Paul, and worked in his primary campaign in California.  Then when I had an opportunity to combine visiting Washington, D.C. with hearing Dr. Paul speak at the Capitol Building I could not resist.  It was my first visit to Washington , D.C. and what a wonderful experience it was.  I walked every day many miles to visit as many monuments and buildings as possible.  I stayed only three blocks from the White House.

After the primaries, I followed the two major parties for a time, not particularly intrigued with either candidate, but growing more at home with Senator Obama.  I was grateful that he edged out Hillary Clinton, only because I was not comfortable having Bill Clinton in the White House.  (Sorry, Hillary.)  When Obama received the Democratic nomination and selected Joe Biden as his running mate I was pleased, as you would know from reading one of my earlier posts.  When McCain won the Republican nomination I wondered whether the Republican Party could not do better… McCain is a fine individual, but I lacked interest.  When he selected Governor Sarah Palin as his running mate I was stunned.  I could not vote for the GOP ticket if this important decision was an example of McCain’s most mature and wise judgment.  What a disappointment, and a signal to me that the country was placed behind ambition.  I still feel queasy when I think of it.

Fortunately Senator Obama won the election.  And by the time that happened, the tension had built to such heights I was jubilant, as was over half of the country.  Not only was it an historic election, but more importantly, we chose someone who is right for our times, a gift we must not squander, someone with a broad vision and a wide cultural understanding.  Best of all, he is a man of intelligence and character, and good temperament.

The prize he won is a burden — a crisis here in America, and around the world.  I do hope that people will pull together, help one another and live with compassion and self-discipline.  Self-discipline not only in tolerance and patience, but also in budget.  The years ahead will test and temper us —  as the finest steel is tempered by fire.


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