Obama & Biden

After supporting Ron Paul in the Presidential Primaries, all for the sake of an honest politician telling us the truth about our economy and foreign policy, I did support and vote for Obama/Biden.  They have been in office about a year and a half, facing the most complex set of challenges I believe any Presidential team has faced, and handling themselves with dignity and perseverance in the face of spiteful opposition. I have concluded that the opposition is not simply a difference of concern or position, but is the result of unwillingness to cooperate with this President or to serve the American citizenry in goodwill.

Those who are overzealous capitalists, or who are idealists still placing trust in our leaders regardless of the obvious brokenness of Washington D.C.,  cannot comprehend the abuses of global corporatocracy or separate global corporations from small business owners across this country.  The fact is the global corporatocracy and the cartel of banksters have taken this country down the road to ruin, while they are laughing all the way to the vault.  However, it appears that now even their security is in peril as the world economy approaches complete collapse.

Several months ago, I switched my focus from following the mainstream media and fretting over politics to envisioning a better world and placing my energies toward creating another reality.  I am now nurturing a more mystical, spiritual paradigm .

With a parting note about Caroline Kennedy, then, I will move onto other interests.   I saw the media storm arising around Caroline and respected her sensibilities in choosing to reconsider her run for the Senate.  I think she chose the wiser part for herself and her family.  She chose quiet dignity.


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