I hope world governments are out-growing the political  machinations of the Cold War.  It is time to be bold and honest, transparent.  Private conversations between nations can still be practiced if the countries acknowledge that all conversations will one day be declassified and made public.  History will out all secrets.  Therefore, private conversations can be best entered into knowing that the” ears of the future”  are also sitting down at the table with the parties involved.   My hope is that WikiLeaks will help governments worldwide transition toward greater maturity in foreign relations — communication should be as transparent as possible, and private conversations kept to a minimum —  and secrets or shadow governments, no more.

The United States once was a beacon of democratic principles to the world but has fallen into greed, black-ops, invasion of privacy, and lawbreaking on a massive scale.  America is in a state of decay.   Our media is failing us; our journalists are caught up in the propaganda either by intent or by inattention.  It is heartbreaking. And it is heartbreaking to hear journalists and politicians attempt to shore up the crumbling walls of secrecy.    WikiLeaks is good for America.


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