Television & Internet News

Funny, back in October of 2006 I wrote that I enjoyed watching Glenn Beck; he was on CNN I believe at that time. What I liked was that he had a good sense of humor, was a bit off the wall, and didn’t take himself seriously, or so I thought. What was I thinking?? I stopped watching him shortly after he moved to Fox News and began taking himself seriously. It goes to show that either I have changed or his court jester role has turned to a rant.

I watch very little television nowadays. I still enjoy History Channel on occasion and PBS. News of interest, but not watched as often as previously, includes: Lehrer Report, Travis Smiley, and whenever I can find Soledad O’Brien, (Where has she gone?). On the Internet: Jon Stewart, The Colbert Report, Max Keiser. Websites: The Real News, Media Gazer, Real Clear World, Watching America.