54 Trees Added to My Property

Since I began my property improvements two years ago I have added 54 trees!  As well I have planted over a hundred plants and bushes.  I will be adding photos this week and updating the success of those plants that survived since last year.

I have also begun a GoFundMe account to help recover my investment.


I’m excited to see how the trees develop in the coming years.  It is my gift to the land and Mother Gaia to invest my time and resources in improving this acreage.  With this post I’m adding photos of the initial tree planting.  The photo of the deer is to give an idea of the wildlife in the area.  The new tree photos show fencing required to protect the trees from bucks scraping their antlers on the young trees, and also to provide wind protection.  Winds have been as strong as up 70 mph here in several storms.  Average afternoon winds can be about 35-55 mph for several hours. This can be quite drying to all plants.  In the next post I will be adding updated photos of additional trees and a some pics of what survived and is growing in the shrub & plant section this year.