Inventory of Trees Added 2014-16

The tree planting project began in November of 2014 with the help of Plant Oregon nursery in Talent, Oregon.  They efficiently got me started with over 20 trees, mostly sequoias and ponderosa pines. Then I began adding additional trees as I could manage, interrupted by an illness I’ll discuss at the end of this post.

Plant Oregon returned last week to replace three Sequoias that didn’t make it through the first year; they also brought some additional trees I selected, mostly blue spruces.

Below I’m listing my inventory of trees along with their species names if I have located them.   In a forthcoming entry I’ll begin including some specific information on the more interesting, decorative trees, along with photos.

First, those trees obtained from Plant Oregon:

  • 17   Sequoias Sequoiadendron giganteum   (most for purpose of windbreak)
  •   5   Ponderosa Pines  Pinus ponderosa  (for beauty & windbreak)
  •   1   Colorado Blue Spruce
  •   1   Fat Albert Blue Spruce Picea pungens ‘Fat Albert’
  •   3   “Kaibab” Blue Spruce Picea pungens ‘Kaibab’
  •   1   Bosnian Pine Pinus leucodermis
  •   1   Bristlecone Pine Pinus aristata
  •   4   Japanese Zelkova Zeklkova serrata
  •   1   Weeping Cedar Cedrus libani ‘Glauca Pendula’
  •   2   Incense Cedar Calocedrus decurrens

Additional trees I’ve planted:

  •   1   Deodar Cedar Cedrus deodora
  •   1   Dwarf Alberta Spruce Picea glauca
  • 13   Arizona Cypress Cupressus arizonica  (for purpose of windbreak)
  •   1   Flowering Cherry ‘Little Twist’ Prunusincisa ‘CarltonLT’
  •  2   Redwoods Sequoia sempervirens  (potted from bare roots; will transplant in 1-2 years)

One year ago, April 2105, I lost some activity in the yard due to a serious illness that landed me in the hospital.  Fortunately I had all the first group of trees fenced by then after a buck came through and scraped some of the tree limbs off about 8 trees.  They are surviving well now.  The fencing also seems to help protect the trees from strong winds.  In a few years I’ll remove the fencing or re-size some of the fencing on the more vulnerable trees.

My illness was brought about by some rodent or ground squirrel building a nest in an air filter located in the console area of my car.  I had been breathing some pathogen and had pulmonary/breathing difficulty which the doctor could not confirm even after I had a heart seizure and x-rays were taken, along with other cardio tests as well.  It wasn’t until I got my car serviced that the nest was found in the car and the air circulation system cleaned with a disinfectant.  Subsequently I found a botanical rodent repellent I keep in and around where I park my car.  The item is called “Fresh Cab” and comes in small packets and deters these creatures.  I also keep some of these botanical packets in my pantry and where I store grass & flower seeds.