Political Scene 2016

I don’t think I’ve posted about politics since the first Obama term when I still believed Obama’s rhetoric was based in actual potential.  Since that time I have repented my support of Obama, observing his lack of courage to act outside of the “permitted” arena of executive actions approved by the controlling fascist corporatocracy.  Americans are awakening now to sobering historical facts, for example that Operation PaperClip of post- WWII resulted in Black Ops in U.S. government including mind-control experiments, infecting and damaging America’s spiritual and moral foundations.

In my opinion we must faithfully participate in a vision-based revolution, a non-violent movement demanding government and corporate reform.   In the current political arena I favor Senator Bernie Sanders, Democrat, as well as Governor Gary Johnson, Libertarian. Political parties are not important. The integrity and strength of an individual committed to benefiting humanity as a whole deserves my support and global resources.  Transitioning to a new practical and moral paradigm requires ideals based in spiritual insight transcending religious dogma stuck in graven images.   That means moving beyond old habits and fearful ideas about different cultures or faiths or different countries. We now are graduating from adolescent egocentric behaviors and developing courage to embark in cooperative endeavors in brave support of progressive global projects, one example being to bring advanced energy technology to the world.

It is a wondrous time to be alive and participating in a thriving civilization becoming a cosmic member of other civilizations.

I add one additional link for an example of those working for a new paradigm. Thrive is also criticized for being a cult.  Use your discernment to evaluate to the best of your ability those organizations that can move us forward without hidden agenda.

I choose to peer deeply through the facade of those who present concepts of fear aiming to keep us bound to old ways of thinking and acting.  I have forgiven their ignorance, and  I am choosing to build with like-minded others a world based on love and generous support in all areas of human growth and spiritual blossoming.

Please join in this movement, using your unique insight and talents. Use the Internet to inspire us and teach us.  Help us grow to our best expression of divine presence. Now.