Political Scene 2016

I don’t think I’ve posted about politics since the first Obama term when I still believed Obama’s rhetoric was based in actual potential.  Since that time I have repented my support of Obama, observing his lack of courage to act outside of the “permitted” arena of executive actions approved by the controlling fascist corporatocracy.  Americans are awakening now to sobering historical facts, for example that Operation PaperClip of post- WWII resulted in Black Ops in U.S. government including mind-control experiments, infecting and damaging America’s spiritual and moral foundations.

In my opinion we must faithfully participate in a vision-based revolution, a non-violent movement demanding government and corporate reform.   In the current political arena I favor Senator Bernie Sanders, Democrat, as well as Governor Gary Johnson, Libertarian. Political parties are not important. The integrity and strength of an individual committed to benefiting humanity as a whole deserves my support and global resources.  Transitioning to a new practical and moral paradigm requires ideals based in spiritual insight transcending religious dogma stuck in graven images.   That means moving beyond old habits and fearful ideas about different cultures or faiths or different countries. We now are graduating from adolescent egocentric behaviors and developing courage to embark in cooperative endeavors in brave support of progressive global projects, one example being to bring advanced energy technology to the world.

It is a wondrous time to be alive and participating in a thriving civilization becoming a cosmic member of other civilizations.

I add one additional link for an example of those working for a new paradigm. Thrive is also criticized for being a cult.  Use your discernment to evaluate to the best of your ability those organizations that can move us forward without hidden agenda.

I choose to peer deeply through the facade of those who present concepts of fear aiming to keep us bound to old ways of thinking and acting.  I have forgiven their ignorance, and  I am choosing to build with like-minded others a world based on love and generous support in all areas of human growth and spiritual blossoming.

Please join in this movement, using your unique insight and talents. Use the Internet to inspire us and teach us.  Help us grow to our best expression of divine presence. Now.



Television & Internet News

Funny, back in October of 2006 I wrote that I enjoyed watching Glenn Beck; he was on CNN I believe at that time. What I liked was that he had a good sense of humor, was a bit off the wall, and didn’t take himself seriously, or so I thought. What was I thinking?? I stopped watching him shortly after he moved to Fox News and began taking himself seriously. It goes to show that either I have changed or his court jester role has turned to a rant.

I watch very little television nowadays. I still enjoy History Channel on occasion and PBS. News of interest, but not watched as often as previously, includes: Lehrer Report, Travis Smiley, and whenever I can find Soledad O’Brien, (Where has she gone?). On the Internet: Jon Stewart, The Colbert Report, Max Keiser. Websites: The Real News, Media Gazer, Real Clear World, Watching America.

Research Links on WikiLeaks

Below are hyperlinks to websites following WikiLeaks:

From the WikiLeaks page itself, a browsing arrangement, by country and date, of the Diplomatic Cables.

The Guardian has extensive coverage of WikiLeaks, from the War Diaries of Iraq and Afghanistan to the current Embassy Cables as they are released, and includes analysis and commentary.

The Wikio is a world news portal.  From their own description, Wikio is an information portal with a news search engine that searches press sites and blogs.With Wikio you can very easily create pages to follow the breaking news that interests you. Our info is continuously updated!

Der Spiegel includes a global map and indicates level of classification of documents; all appear to be low in classification, few “secret” and none “top secret” that I can determine.

Beta Search Engine for diplomatic cables already released. Linked from a tab on the WikiLeaks website.

The New York Times posts selected WikiLeaks.


I hope world governments are out-growing the political  machinations of the Cold War.  It is time to be bold and honest, transparent.  Private conversations between nations can still be practiced if the countries acknowledge that all conversations will one day be declassified and made public.  History will out all secrets.  Therefore, private conversations can be best entered into knowing that the” ears of the future”  are also sitting down at the table with the parties involved.   My hope is that WikiLeaks will help governments worldwide transition toward greater maturity in foreign relations — communication should be as transparent as possible, and private conversations kept to a minimum —  and secrets or shadow governments, no more.

The United States once was a beacon of democratic principles to the world but has fallen into greed, black-ops, invasion of privacy, and lawbreaking on a massive scale.  America is in a state of decay.   Our media is failing us; our journalists are caught up in the propaganda either by intent or by inattention.  It is heartbreaking. And it is heartbreaking to hear journalists and politicians attempt to shore up the crumbling walls of secrecy.    WikiLeaks is good for America.

Obama & Biden

After supporting Ron Paul in the Presidential Primaries, all for the sake of an honest politician telling us the truth about our economy and foreign policy, I did support and vote for Obama/Biden.  They have been in office about a year and a half, facing the most complex set of challenges I believe any Presidential team has faced, and handling themselves with dignity and perseverance in the face of spiteful opposition. I have concluded that the opposition is not simply a difference of concern or position, but is the result of unwillingness to cooperate with this President or to serve the American citizenry in goodwill.

Those who are overzealous capitalists, or who are idealists still placing trust in our leaders regardless of the obvious brokenness of Washington D.C.,  cannot comprehend the abuses of global corporatocracy or separate global corporations from small business owners across this country.  The fact is the global corporatocracy and the cartel of banksters have taken this country down the road to ruin, while they are laughing all the way to the vault.  However, it appears that now even their security is in peril as the world economy approaches complete collapse.

Several months ago, I switched my focus from following the mainstream media and fretting over politics to envisioning a better world and placing my energies toward creating another reality.  I am now nurturing a more mystical, spiritual paradigm .

With a parting note about Caroline Kennedy, then, I will move onto other interests.   I saw the media storm arising around Caroline and respected her sensibilities in choosing to reconsider her run for the Senate.  I think she chose the wiser part for herself and her family.  She chose quiet dignity.

Caroline Kennedy

Caroline Kennedy has expressed interest in being appointed Senator of New York to the United States Congress, completing the term vacated by Hillary Clinton who has agreed to serve as Secretary of State in the Obama administration.  In our current society there is little new event in the political scene that escapes controversy ranging from mild aspersions to vitriol.   Questions over Caroline’s education and experience are at issue.

She meets the requirements of the Constitution. That exquisite document reminds us that we are all commoners and all sovereign — a vaulted ideal towards which we are reminded to strive, although the inequalities amongst us sometimes make us look like foreigners as opposed to countrymen.  In addition to being of age, and an American citizen, Caroline exceeds the average person’s education and experience of the political life as well as years of community leadership.  Furthermore,  Caroline has garnered poignant insights into self and humanity throughout her unusual lifetime,  and borne it all with grace and comity.

Most commendable is her commitment to her community through dedicated years of faithful service.  Caroline has chosen a life of service over a life of ease.   Indeed, because she has no need like most of us to work to survive, I find her commitment and discipline toward the greater good remarkable and inspiring.

Taking a historical perspective, Caroline is the daughter of a president — an assassinated president.   She is the sister of a beloved brother and two sisters-in-law who died in a private airplane crash on their way to a family wedding.   She is no stranger to challenges of spirit and character.

She is a member of a prestigious, powerful family; and she is a person who knows both the best and the most tragic in life.  Caroline has experienced a significant segment of American history — a child of American myth and of pain-filled realities. Raised by her mother to value ideals balanced by obligations,   and tempered by life in the knowledge of the mortality and commonality of humankind, Caroline has developed a stature of dignity. She is no irresponsible socialite; she is no mere seeker of limelight.  Her desire to move into political service during her mature years deserves my sober respect and admiration.

I have read that her mother,  Jackie Kennedy, took efforts, after the assassination of  her husband, to routinely provide Caroline and John with a father figure at dinner time.  Jackie also took a job as an editor, although she did not need financial income; and she was strict regarding the children’s  attendance at social gatherings — even those of the Kennedy family.  If these accounts are true, they all were thoughtful, intentional  actions to include role models, instill  and values, stability, and responsibility in their lives.   Again, it is said that Jackie also took care to introduce her children to family traditions and to literature and life culture.  Caroline has remarked that sharing of  literature and quotations were even more important than material gifts at Christmas.

My life story, as an American, will be enhanced by observing and cheering Caroline Kennedy as she serves the remaining term of Hillary Clinton.  I believe her motivation is to serve her country from the ideals instilled in her as a child and young woman.  I say, “Caroline, thank you for your willingness to give your best to America; I wish you success and fulfillment.  You could have chosen to remain aloof and withdrawn, or absconded with your family ideals into the life of a party animal glamorized by the crasser side of American media.  I am inspired that you have rather chosen the road less taken, the road of commitment, discipline, and service.  Thank you for setting an example worthy of your parents’ hopes and dreams, and worthy of a new generation’s quest.”

I Have Changed; and “The times…they are a-changin'”

What a whirlwind of activity I’ve lived since my last entry,  thinking in back of my mind that I would return to my WordPress writing ….soon.  Well, it has been almost two years!

During that time I had an awakending…  I mean, an awakening.  (Well, maybe “awakending”  is the right word!)  I read two books that turned my life around and caused me to become politically involved:  The Wal-Mart Effect and The Confessions of an Economic Hit Man.  After reading those books I could not stop searching for more insights into the goings on in our country.  After an initial week or two of being ill, nearly nauseous from the realities I had faced,  I was consumed for months with shock, a sense of betrayal by my country —  and those in politics and big business who grasp power — and then I felt energized by determination and exhilaration when I realized I was no longer in denial.

I became impressed with Congressman Dr. Ron Paul, and worked in his primary campaign in California.  Then when I had an opportunity to combine visiting Washington, D.C. with hearing Dr. Paul speak at the Capitol Building I could not resist.  It was my first visit to Washington , D.C. and what a wonderful experience it was.  I walked every day many miles to visit as many monuments and buildings as possible.  I stayed only three blocks from the White House.

After the primaries, I followed the two major parties for a time, not particularly intrigued with either candidate, but growing more at home with Senator Obama.  I was grateful that he edged out Hillary Clinton, only because I was not comfortable having Bill Clinton in the White House.  (Sorry, Hillary.)  When Obama received the Democratic nomination and selected Joe Biden as his running mate I was pleased, as you would know from reading one of my earlier posts.  When McCain won the Republican nomination I wondered whether the Republican Party could not do better… McCain is a fine individual, but I lacked interest.  When he selected Governor Sarah Palin as his running mate I was stunned.  I could not vote for the GOP ticket if this important decision was an example of McCain’s most mature and wise judgment.  What a disappointment, and a signal to me that the country was placed behind ambition.  I still feel queasy when I think of it.

Fortunately Senator Obama won the election.  And by the time that happened, the tension had built to such heights I was jubilant, as was over half of the country.  Not only was it an historic election, but more importantly, we chose someone who is right for our times, a gift we must not squander, someone with a broad vision and a wide cultural understanding.  Best of all, he is a man of intelligence and character, and good temperament.

The prize he won is a burden — a crisis here in America, and around the world.  I do hope that people will pull together, help one another and live with compassion and self-discipline.  Self-discipline not only in tolerance and patience, but also in budget.  The years ahead will test and temper us —  as the finest steel is tempered by fire.